“Macroeconomics I,” Stockholm, Spring 2003

PhD course in the Stockholm Doctoral Program.

SU’s official course page. The unofficial, but—in case of doubt—relevant course page is the one you are looking at. Syllabus. Schedule: Classes held on Tuesday and Thursday from 9–11 a.m. in these rooms. No class on February 11. Approximately one topic per meeting. Problem sets: distributed and discussed by the TA, Daria Finocchiaro. Course requirements: To pass the exam (which builds on the material covered in class) (90% of grade), and to hand in all (except at most one) problem sets in time (10% of grade).

Some links: Jordi Gali’s “New Perspectives …” paper as mentioned in the syllabus, in PDF. For those interested in methods to solve various optimal savings problems: Christopher Carroll’s website with notes and Mathematica code. For those interested in recursive methods: Thomas Sargent’s website with Matlab code. Paul Krugman’s opinions on macroeconomic policy issues, as published in the New York Times.