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Young Men in the US Work Fewer Hours

More discussion about falling employment of young men in the US:

  • John Rust publicizes the facts in a speech: Unskilled young men spend more time playing video games and less time in the labor market. “In 2015, 22 percent of lower-skilled men aged 21–30 had not worked at all during the prior 12 months.” They live in the basement of their parents’ houses and are not married. (And on his 12-year old son: “If we didn’t ration video games, I am not sure he would ever eat. I am positive he wouldn’t shower.)
  • Jason Richwine argues that the trend is restricted to natives as opposed to immigrants.
  • A critical assessment on We the Pleeple.

One of the first to point to the phenomenon was Bob Hall, for example at the 2015 ASSA meetings in Boston.