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Schools in Sweden

An OECD report proposes measures to slow the decline in the performance of school children in Sweden. They include (pp. 8-9):

… setting clear and high expectations for all students, building on current curriculum goals with a focus on developing core skills and enhancing skills for the 21st century.
…ensure a better disciplinary climate and teaching and learning approaches that respond to diverse student learning needs, including low and high performers.
Improve the access of disadvantaged families to information about schools and support them in making informed choices. In addition, introduce controlled choice schemes that supplement parental choice to ensure a more diverse distribution of students in schools.

Teacher Well Being

sda reports in the NZZ about a study on Swiss teachers’ well being that was commissioned by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

A representative survey among 600 teachers in 5th to 9th grade indicates that every fifth teacher always feels stressed and every third teacher suffers from forms of depression at least once per month. The teachers feel strained because of high work load; conflicts with students’ parents; and difficult pupils. Women and part time teachers are more exposed to the risk of burnout.

Other employees in the public sector do not feel similarly stressed. Nevertheless, nine out of ten teachers like their jobs.