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Ukraine Restructures Its Debt

In the FT, Elaine Moore and Neil Buckley report that Ukraine secured a restructuring deal with its creditors. The deal includes a 20% haircut on some bonds as well as new GDP-linked securities. The FT writes:

The IMF alluded to the uncertainty in early August when it reiterated that although it expected Ukraine’s debt operation to be completed, it was willing to support the country even if debt discussions failed and a moratorium was imposed. However, the repercussions of Ukraine defaulting on its debt would have been severe. Ukrainian bonds, issued under English law, contain cross-default clauses that mean missed payments on one can trigger default on all, allowing bondholders to demand repayment, drag a country into lengthy legal battles and exacerbating existing economic problems. … If Ukraine succeeds in a debt restructuring it could plausibly return to international debt markets within a yea r… Market prices for Ukrainian bonds have recovered in recent weeks as hopes rose that the country would avoid default …

Haircut Estimates for 180 Sovereign Debt Restructurings

Juan Cruces and Christoph Trebesch have posted data on 180 sovereign debt restructurings between 1978 and 2010. They analyse this data in a paper forthcoming in the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.

Cruces and Trebesch consider distressed restructurings of medium and long-term public or publicly guaranteed debt with foreign private creditors (including commercial banks and bondholders but excluding official creditors organised in the Paris Club) that were ever finalized. Their preferred haircut measure varies between -10% (Brazil, February 1983) and 97% (Republic of Yemen, February 2001).